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Creating Memories for Disabled Children was created for the sole purpose of connecting children with disabilities as well as adults with disabilities to nature and to create memories that will last a lifetime. The founder of our organization, Ken Coreson, has been taking children hunting and fishing all of his adult life. As a pastor of the Nazarene Church he took youth groups and kids Moose, Caribou and Black Bear hunting, fishing on the Kenai River, and to remote lakes for grayling. Since moving to Oregon in 1988, he has continued sharing these adventures with Disabled Children.

Creating Memories for Disabled Children board of directors and volunteers consists of retired Navy personnel, active-duty Military personnel, former big game guides, parents of disabled children, disabled hunters and fishers, hunter safety instructors, and award-winning Trap shooters who are all experienced in hunting, fishing, turkey calling, archery, black powder, rifles, boating, and much more. These amazing hard-working individuals work day in and day out to give people with disabilities memories that will last a lifetime and be passed on from generation to generation.

Creating Memories for Disabled Children offers many outdoor activities for people with disabilities, their families and caregivers including camping, fishing and hunting absolutely free of charge. Our camp is a 97 acre lot of land generously donated to Creating Memories for Disabled Children by the Boy Scouts of America and is located in Joseph, Oregon on Wallowa Lake where we will be able to house people with disabilities, their families and caregivers for a fun relaxing vacation, going fishing on our customized boat and enjoying the outdoors.

Broken Wings

The story that started Ken Coreson on this amazing journey that is

Creating Memories for Disabled Children.

      The one thing I have always desired is that my Lord would give me a learners and compassionate heart.  This happened a few decades ago while standing on a bluff overlooking a beach on the Cook Inlet in Alaska.

My attention was drawn to a raven struggling down the beach, his badly broken wing was dragging in the soft sand as he tried to walk.  A group of Seagulls were tormenting him by flying down on top of him knocking him off his feet.  I watched as he fought to regain balance while others landed near him pecking viciously. I could almost feel his pain.  It was apparent the bird was near exhaustion and without hope.

Suddenly two ravens flying high overhead in the opposite direction turned and landed near the disabled Raven.  They drew near him driving away the attacking Seagulls and on opposite sides of the disabled raven they drew so close I could not see the light of day between them.  The Seagulls continued to attack but were no match for the defending Ravens who had come to the rescue of their disabled friend. The three ravens walked over to a large pile of driftwood and disappeared inside.  Soon after the two ravens walked out the wood pile.  I never saw the Raven with a broken wing again but I knew he was safe from the Seagulls. 

Since that time whenever I meet a disabled person, young or old,  I'm reminded of the Raven with the broken wing.

Creating memories cannot restore broken bodies and many will never physically fly with the Eagles, but perhaps a fishing trip on our specially equipped wheelchair accessible boat, a ride on a horse-drawn buggy, a trip in the mountains in ourvan to hunt or just take pictures, or a night around the campfire watching the stars while listening to the night sounds will become a pile of driftwood for them.

  I thank my Lord for his gift of a learners and compassionate heart.

  Ken Coreson

President and Founder of Creating Memories for Disabled Children


If you or a loved one has a disability and would like to visit our camp or go on a hunting trip please contact us. We can't wait to meet you and create everlasting memories for all.

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  • Last November I had the opportunity of a lifetime to go elk hunting with the Creating Memories organization. The organization put me up in a house with very friendly people so that I would be very comfortable and have a place to charge my wheelchair. The countryside we hunted was full of rolling hills and we spotted almost 200(…)

    Enoch Stalcup

  • Last summer Ken took our residents from the local residential treatment home on a day excursion At Wallowa lake in his boat. The residents had a great time and we’re very thankful for the opportunity. Ken has explained to me that starting this summer they will have access to the Boy Scout camp at the head of Wallowa Lake.(…)

    Hannah Hillock
    AdministratorJoseph House

  • I have had the opportunity to participate in several activities that have been funded by Creating Memories for Disabled Children. Without the assistance from various members within the organization I would not have been able to kill two Elk that I have harvested over the last two years. I have also gotten the opportunity to see my sister Ashley,(…)

    Travis A. Jensen
    Travis is 19 and has cerebral palsy and walks with a walker. He is currently enrolled at the University of Oregon taking courses in view of becoming an English Teacher

  • Hello, my name is Kyle Rothenberger. I enjoy hunting and I got to go on an incredible Creating Memories hunting trip with my best friend Travis. The views were amazing and I got to see 500 elk before the trip was over. The program was quite beneficial as I learned how to help other people hunt elk. Creating(…)

    Kyle Rothenberger

  • As a caregiver of people with many different disabilities, I have had the opportunity to see firsthand the joy that Creating Memories brings to so many different individuals of many different ages and handicaps! Just to see the smiles and joy it brings to these people and hearing their stories is worth indescribable joy to my heart! I hope(…)

    Michelle DeVore
    Alpine House Assisted Living